When To Use Male_Cheaple

“Cheap” models are something that get used quite often in game development, but many people don’t see the point in using them. This is just a quick overview of what these cheap models are for, why they’re available and when they’re worth using. What’s “Cheap”? A cheap object is something that doesn’t take up much […]

Entity Profile: NPC_PoisonZombie

Poison Zombies are one of Half Life 2’s most mechanically unusual enemies: not in terms of how they’re supposed to be beaten, but how they fight and the kind of threat they can pose to a player. While a regular Zombie might be able to hound the player in a certain direction or serve as […]

Entity Profile: NPC_Zombie

The standard Half-Life 2 Zombie is one of the most basic humanoid NPCs in the game, but there’s still quite a deep level of complexity build into how the NPC operates, reacts to its surroundings and the way it can interact with environmental objects. This entity profile will be an in-depth look at the Zombie, […]

Visleaves – The Basics

One of the most important parts of a 3D engine is its ability to ‘cull’ objects that the player can’t see. Imagine if your brain had to try and perceive everything in the direction you were looking, regardless of whether or not you could actually see it with your eyes – you’d probably end up with […]


Info_player_start is one of the most recognisable entities among Hammer’s users, and it’s not just because it’s the default selection in the Entity Tool every time you open up a fresh session. Aside from a select few multiplayer games, it’s the single most important entity for determining where a player will spawn in the game […]

Hammer and Crowbar – An Introduction

Hammer and Crowbar is something I’ve wanted to create for a while, but I never gave myself enough time to actually start working on it. Today, I decided to just push straight into it. Welcome to Hammer and Crowbar. This site is a bi-weekly community resource site that’s meant to help people learn more about […]