Hammer and Crowbar – An Introduction

Hammer and Crowbar is something I’ve wanted to create for a while, but I never gave myself enough time to actually start working on it. Today, I decided to just push straight into it.

Welcome to Hammer and Crowbar.

This site is a bi-weekly community resource site that’s meant to help people learn more about the Source Engine and it’s companion SDK, mainly in terms of making new maps and mods that add new gameplay to some of your favourite Source Engine games. I’ve had a lot of experience with different aspects of Source, and it felt like I should try to put together my own resources for new modders and mappers – it’s definitely not the easiest game engine to learn, and I wanted to create something that would let people skip the hurdles and setbacks that I had to go through.

Until recently, most of my experience with Source came from trial-and-error tests. Even things as simple as building a working level were done with very little outside help or documentation, and I’ve only started turning to other online resources now that I’m trying to make full-scale mods of my own.

This has given me something quite useful that a lot of other guides overlook – I know how the engine reacts to mistakes. No matter how confident you are, you will make mistakes while you’re learning to use Source, and being able to identify their causes and the relevant solutions is something that not all online resources cover that well. There’s also the fact that some official and semi-official sites, such as the Valve Developer Wiki, are simply missing some pages on specific entities and objects for no explained reason. I’m not against ‘learning by doing’, but not having a way to quickly search up the purpose of something has been a huge problem for me in the past.

Welcome to Hammer and Crowbar. I hope you enjoy your stay, and feel free to come back weekly for more posts and articles that might help you on your journey into Source!

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